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Dessy Daskalov

Entrepreneur. Web & Mobile developer. CTO & Co-Founder of Nudge Rewards.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Dessy. I'm a software developer in Toronto, and the CTO and Co-Founder of Nudge Rewards. At Nudge, we build mobile software to help companies deliver critical information to their employees to drive business results.

When I'm not busy building Nudge and dreaming up big ideas with the team, I enjoy hanging out at (and running) Toronto software development events, teaching others to code, and writing. I've recently contributed a chapter to 500 Lines or Less, the fourth book in the Architecture of Open Source Applications series.

Other things I enjoy include interesting views on politics and the world, ideas on the future of technology, craft beer, quality coffee, vegetarian cooking, travel adventures, heated debates, a hearty poutine, questioning the status quo, and regular exercise.

I love meeting new people in the Toronto software and startup space, so if you'd like to grab a coffee and chat, please get in touch!

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