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On March 31st, I taught my second Ladies Learning Code Intro to Ruby workshop. The incredible experience of teaching a Ladies Learning Code workshop warrants a separate blog post, so I’ll stick to my original intentions for this one.

The workshop is geared toward complete beginners to software development, and assumes no prior knowledge of anything programming-related. I think of it not as an intro to Ruby, but an intro to programming, with Ruby as the vehicle to get the audience familiar with basic concepts.

During the workshop, I had several questions along the lines of “Where do I go from here?”. I know that Ladies Learning Code has hit on something amazing when a roomful of people in the middle of a feast are asking for more food. So, in response to this and other similar questions, I’ve compiled a list of resources:

  • Parts of the workshop, in particular the very beginning, were inspired by the book Learn to Program by Chris Pine. I highly recommend this book for complete beginners to programming. It walks you through many of the foundational concepts, and explains everything very clearly.

  • Another great resource, which also assumes absolutely no prior programming experience, is Learn Ruby The Hard Way. You can get the PDF for $2.99, or read the HTML version for free. In the spirit of giving back to the community, I would encourage you to purchase a copy of the book rather than relying solely on the free version. Thanks to Oleg for suggesting this resource.

  • If you’re up for some humour alongside your dose of Ruby education, check out _why’s (Poignant Guide) to Ruby. It’s super quirky, entertaining, and fun.

  • You can view the slides I prepared for the workshop here. They’re also up on github, along with the puzzles, assignments, and worksheets used.

If you’ve plowed through this list and are looking for more, then you’re amazing! Get in touch with me and I’ll absolutely dig up more for you, and append to this post.